Who said the Middle East is Poor? (by Amy)

Whoever thinks the Middle East was poor; think again. Here are some photos of the Middle East’s wealthier side… (click on the images to enlarge)

The Middle East’s Future 10 Star Hotel…

This is a Computer Generated Image of the 10 Star Hotel to be built in Beirut, Lebanon

Courtesy of Google Images and www.astatalk.com

This is a Computer Generated Image of the 10 Star Hotel to be built in Beirut, Lebanon.

Below the second image, there is information about this future hotel such as the approximated cost, when construction will start and other interesting facts…


Bird’s Eye View of Dubai

Courtesy of: Google Images and liveebyarchitecture.wordpress.com

This is a Bird’s Eye View of Dubai. The Islands off the coast are all man-made and are for sale. The most famous group of islands are in the shape of the world and are called ‘The World Islands’. The World Islands are a collection of around 300 man-made islands that are up for sale. The Dubai in the collection of islands was bought for 27.2 million US dollars!


 Dubai’s Future Sports City:




Courtesy of: Google Images and www.dubaipropertysale.com

Courtesy of: www.realestatewebmasters.com and Google Images

Both these images are computer generated, but this will be Dubai’s Future Sports City.

The First image is a Computer Generated Image of Dubai’s whole future Sports City. The ‘city’ is currently being built and is going to cost approximately 4 billion US dollars. The finished Sports City will be 50,000,000 square feet (4,600,000 m2) and it is expected to be completed in 2011. There will be a stadium, cricket grounds, golf course, indoor arena and field hockey stadium.

4 thoughts on “Who said the Middle East is Poor? (by Amy)

  1. Christine, Joyce, Kaumudi:
    We think that this is a really interesting post because it’s really interesting to see these because it disproves stereotypes that we have created in our heads. It is also interesting to see what Dubai will look like in the future.

  2. I think the hotel is really cool and this has defintely cleared some of the stereotypes I had. But I thought the Middle East had a bad economy so would the Middle Easterners be able to stay there?

  3. By the way, this is a really good post. COMMENT ON OUR BLOG PLEASE. WE HAVE NO COMMENTS T_T

  4. This post is really interesting. I used to stereotype Middle East as a poor continent, but it seems like it’s one of the best place to visit. Dubai is probably one of the richest city with all those big hotels 😛

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